The Washington, DC Studio


Before moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico in the summer of 2017, Dale & Scott’s custom designed studio was located in an innovative office building in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC.

The Swish Edition Studio had room for up to six people, each with their own microphone and headphones. It had the latest sound mixing and audio recording & editing equipment; Apple computers & tablets provide the radio imaging and scripts; and, a stylish room design put the hosts and guests in the proper mood to create magic A blackboard wall dominated the studio space and was completed with a large flat screen television for streaming logos or showing slideshows, show outlines, or trashy movies.

Myriad conference rooms, catering kitchens, private offices, free wi-fi, full bathroom facilities, and even a cozy nap room, rounded out the extended studio offerings.

We loved our little space in our Nation’s Capital. It hosted countless celebrity guests in-person and via phone for some pretty amazing in-depth conversations.

The studio has made its way west and will be reconstructed in Santa Fe this Fall.

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