About Our Company

logo-lightback-pngBlades Wallis Media is a digital media content production and distribution company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Proving that friends can work together, Dale Blades and Scott Wallis founded the company in 2010 to support their original show, Swish Edition, a weekly comedy and interview talk show that featured a colorful cast of characters and was regularly downloaded coast-to-coast and in over 140 countries every week from October 2010 until it went on hiatus in December 2014

The company not only produced one of the leading gay-themed podcasts in the country during its run, but it also produced dynamic audio content for other shows—such as the local affairs show, It’s a Gay Thing DC, and the On Deck! Podcast about the cruise vacation industry—as well as providing new media consulting services to individuals, non profit organizations, and corporations.

The Mission Statement

To create quick-witted, unapologetic entertainment for adults who appreciate wicked senses of humor AND to provide consulting for, and to help create, unique, high-quality digital programming for our clients.

And to be awesome at both.


Dale Blades

Dale grew up in Delaware and lived in Washington, DC’s Dupont Circle until 2017. He has worked for several Washington-area radio stations, served as a campaign worker for a presidential hopeful, and when he’s not in the studio, works in the financial services industry. Dale is a host of the Swish Edition and leads Blades Wallis Media’s online and print projects. He digs the nightlife, playing poker, traveling with friends, and chicken fingers.

Scott Wallis

Scott grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia. He hosted his own radio show throughout college, where he studied journalism and public relations. After serving at the White House on the vice president’s advance team, Scott spent a dozen years working as an event planner for various think tanks and corporations. He is a host and executive producer of the Swish Edition and heads up special projects for Blades Wallis Media. He  has published a novel; is obsessed with casinos, cruise ships, and private jets; and, desperately wants a tattoo of an owl on his arm…but he’s a big baby.

And A Cast Of Thousands

Dale and Scott have spent years networking in the Washington, DC metro area and across the country. And over time, they have assembled an impressive Rolodex (does anyone actually use those anymore?) of professionals who can be called upon to take stunning photos, digitally video tape an event, edit a movie, entertain a crowd, apply make-up, serve a killer drink, create an attention-getting commercial, host a unique party, decorate an office, serve as a bodyguard, plan a cross-country trip…you name it. Whatever your need, they’ll find the perfect person to get the job done.

“We’re a hell of a lot more than just podcasters,” Scott explains. “Have an idea of a project we can work on together? We’re ready to hear your pitch!”

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